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Learn Traditional Vietnamese Cuisine - Hoi An


A Family Cooking School

Cooking Tour Hoi An

We will embark by boat ( about 35 minutes trip) to join my family’s village on a small island on the river delta of Hoi An. 

Upon your arrival, you will be served a fresh fruit juice a typical Vietnamese fruit based drink, to welcome you. While you enjoy your drink, It will be the opportunity to learn about the vietnamese countryside life and meet Grandma.Vegetarian dishes on request*

From here, we will go to my family’s home where you will begin your cooking lesson. Learn how the rice paper used in “nems” is prepared, and make your own using the stone grind used by my grandmother to make rice flour, and learn how to prepare several typical dishes of this region:

  • Banh Xeo (small rice flour crepes) a specialty of Hoi An.
  • Grilled, marinated pork brochettes with a special sauce.
  • Green papaya salad
  • Fish prepared according to a local recipe.
* Vegetarian menu on request: Banh Xeo, Egg plant grilled, Green papaya sald, Mushroom and toffu clay pot.

Once the meal has been prepared, we will enjoy the meal in my grandmother’s garden. You will also be served pumpkin soup and “Xí Mà“ a dessert (black sesame puding).

We will return to Hoi An by boat (or by bicycle if preferred, see details below)


Morning Tour

  • Time: Start at 9:30 am - Return 3pm.
  • If  "Market tour" (option 1), start at 8am.
  • If  "Bicycle tour" (option 2), return at 6pm.

Afternoon Tour

  • Time: Start at 3:30pm - Return 8pm.
  • If  "Market tour" (option 1), start at 2pm.
  • No bicycle ride available for the afternoon program.


Vietnamese Cooking School
How Many Person
Cooking Tour Morning 30 usd
Cooking Tour Afternoon 30 usd
Option 1 - Market Tour
No Market Tour
With Market Tour + 7.5 usd
Option 2 - Bicycle Trip
No Bicycle Trip
With Bicycle Trip +19usd Bicycle trip available only for the morning class



  • - Welcome drink.
  • - English speaking Teacher.
  • - All the food for the ake the meal.
  • - Book of receipt (English only).

Non Included:

  • - Additional Drink.
  • - Inssurances.

Price: 30 usd.

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Market Tour

I will accompany you during a one hour visit of the Hoi An market, where you will discover the exotic fruit and vegetables of Vietnam that are used in our cuisine.

We will discuss the numerous culinary and medicinal uses of the spices and and plants that we will find for sale throughout the market.


Price: 7,50 usd - Make reservation only for the Market Tour, Click here.



Bicycle Tour

If you prefer to extend your visit and see more of the countryside, you can choose to return by bicycle rather than by boat. Our partner, Heaven & Earth Bicycle can organise a bicycle tour to return to Hoi An. The 9 km trip will lead you through the countryside, with several stops along the way to try out the famous basket boats, to learn the secrets of mother of pearl inlays and among other artisanal traditions.


Price: 19 usd - For more information CLICK HEREReturn to Hoi An by Bike after the cooking class



My GrandMa's Home Cooking
61 Ngo Quyen St.
Quartier de An Hoi.
Hoi An - Vietnam
Office: +84 (0) 235 3 864 362
Mobile: +84 (0) 772 515 780
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La cuisine de ma Grand Mere