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Family Cooking School - Hoi An

Welcome into my family

Countryside cooking class Hoi AnWe offer you more than simply a cooking class. You will embark on a unforgettable voyage into the heart of the Hoi An countryside and be welcomed into my family’s home where you will learn to prepare the Vietnamese cuisine of this region as it has been traditionally prepared and continues to be prepared by my grandmother today.


The cooking teacher in the countrysideYour voyage will begin by a boat ride to the village where I was raised, on a small island in the center of the river delta that borders Hoi An. You will meet the warm and friendly people that live in the Hoi An countryside. We will visit their gardens where they raise the aromatic plants and spices used in the daily preparation of the regional dishes. You will learn to use these indigenous plants during your cooking lesson.


Cooking School to learn traditional vietnamese cuisine in Hoi An

Your next stop is my family’s home, where my grandmother still lives. Here you will begin your cooking lesson. You will learn how prepare several dishes and how to adapt our Vietnamese recipes to use ingredients available in your country, so that you can easily reproduce these recipes when you return home.

You will leave your cooking lesson with a gift; a collection of recipes that you have learned to prepare during your lesson. Upon your return home, you will be able to impress your friends with your knowledge of Vietnamese cuisine.


Learn more about the cooking tour Click Here.


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La cuisine de ma Grand Mere